A Family Tradition

Miami’s favorite spot for original handcrafted Brazilian cakes, desserts and savory delicacies

Our desserts incorporate unique flavors and ingredients including tropical fruits like açaí, guava, and passion fruit give our deserts a distinctive taste. 

Enjoy our Brazilian cuisines for lunch or any special occasions and celebrations. Our brigadeiros are a popular treat at birthdays and other festive events.

Classic Traditional Brazilian Recipes

Pao de Queijo

Classic Brazilian cheese bread, a gluten free treat

Brigadeiro Cake

Brigadeiro cake is probably the most famous cake in Brazil, made with rich chocolate and condensed milk filling, covered with sprinkles. A chocolate lover’s dream!


This is a Brazilian staple, you will find this all over Brazil. A type of croquette, crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside filled with chicken and Catupiry cheese (importebrazilian cream cheese).


Choose from our different subscription options to get the best Brazilian goodies made fresh delivered straight to your door every month!

Our Story

We grew up watching the best pastry chef we know, our mother. Her passion and artistry instilled in us the love for the art of Pastry and Culinary. Her faith, passion, and perseverance helped us make it to where we are now. We moved to Miami from Brazil with nothing to start and have come a long way to become experts in bringing the perfect taste with creative presentation and amazing flavor.

We express our passion for culinary through everything we make. Throughout this journey, we have worked at the best hotels in Miami such as Ritz Carlton Key Biscayne, Mandarin Oriental Hotel, and Loews Miami Beach Hotel and The Viceroy. We worked with some of the most renowned chefs in the industry.

We are defined by our love for culinary and our creativity to execute Latin, French and American Fusion of flavors and recipes that have amazed many clients and friends. The Cafe embodies our passion for culinary and our services encompass all aspects of Pastry and Culinary Entertaining.

How to Order

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Mundo Café brings quick high-quality menu items, gourmet Handcrafted Coffee, breakfast, and lunch. The Café also provides the convenience of high end catering to the building tenants as well as surrounding areas.


We deliver traditional Brazilian snacks such as Pao de Queijo (cheese bread) and Coxinha, (traditional Brazilian battered and fried chicken) among many other delectable Brazilian dishes straight to your doorsteps. Soon you will be able to order online.


We invite you to join us in celebrating the heart and soul of Brazilian cuisines. Choose from our different subscription options to get the best Brazilian goodies made fresh delivered straight to your door every month!

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